Pazort's Henchmen

Bangar avatar


Bangar screenshot

This lecherous, reptilian creature is the least powerful of Pazort's henchmen. Mars will meet him a few times throughout the game, and his fascination with the Princess Satera quickly becomes obvious. He enjoys proving to his master Pazort that he is capable of the most risky of tasks; this doesn't mean he accomplishes them, of course... This evil reptile's power is at its peak when he is near a body of water.



Gwaid avatar


Gwaid screenshot

While he bears a mask to cover a wound inflicted by Sir Jiles, this deadly lackey of Pazort is definately the most powerful of the four. This henchman doesn't say much before attempting to defeat Mars (aside from the basics), making it seem as though he only wishes to serve Pazort and to destroy the son of the man who caused his face to become permanently scarred.



Kari avatar


Kari screenshot

The only female of the four, her beauty tends to cause one to underestimate her powerful abilities. Upon the order of Pazort, she mirrored the physical appearance of the Princess of Odegan, doing Pazort's evil deeds for him within Odegan Castle. Mars meets Kari frequently throughout the land of Odegan, and is unfortunate enough to have to battle her in one of the more complicated parts of the game.



Nuge avatar


Nuge screenshot

This agile, skilled opponent is one of Pazort's more memorable henchmen. You may have some sympathy for him when you first encounter him face-to-face, but his rising anger at the discovery of his beloved's fate will cause you to rethink that opinion. And with a threat like the one Nuge gives to Mars just before he attacks, who could have any sympathy?