Hobbits and Elves

The Hobbit Elder

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An old friend of the King, the Hobbit Elder resides in the Western District of Odegan, in the Hobbit Village. He is deeply concerned when he embarks on a visit to Odegan, but is turned away by his closest friend at the Castle. Fortunately, the King feels that the safety of his daughter and the Kingdom are of higher importance than that of a dear friend...




Parn (Kazin)

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Fellow Shining fans may recognize this elf -- that's right, it's Kazin from Shining Force 2, making his first cameo appearance! Kazin (or Parn, in the US version) is first seen with Salah (Sarah) outside the Castle, when the King is refusing to allow the Hobbit Elder to enter. Having travelled all the way from Granseal, Kazin is set on destroying the evil Pazort and stopping his revival of the Dark Titan. He proves to be a great help to Mars throughout his journey, but unfortunately is seen only a few times throughout the game; nevertheless, he's certainly one of the more memorable characters.




Salah (Sarah)

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This blue-haired elf is Kazin's travelling companion from Granseal, also making her first cameo appearance from Shining Force 2. She cares deeply for her friend, and only hopes that he will be safe in his attempt to stop Pazort's wicked plans.