Castle Inhabitants

Princess Satera

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This innocent young lady is the one thing King Ulrich truly cares for (save the Kingdom of Odegan, of course). A quiet, caring girl, Satera soon falls for Mars' charm and strength and becomes devoted to him in everything she does (her devotion is shown when Mars is away on his journey... all Satera could do was "look out the window with tears glistening in her eyes"...). Satera constantly prays for his safe return, knowing in her heart that he will become her hero and rise to save the land from the growing evil.




King Ulrich

King Ulrich screenshot

The devoted King of Odegan and the father of Satera, Ulrich cares for nothing more than to protect his beloved daughter and to ensure her happiness. Along with his daughter, he places in high retrospect the Kingdom of Odegan and the people who inhabit it. Many of the citizens look up to him for being as loyal to his country and to his people as he is, and the amount of respect between him and close friends such as Sir Kaizel and the Hobbit Elder truly runs deep.




Sir Kaizel

Sir Kaizel screenshot

This middle-aged, honourable accomplice to the King is one of the few in Odegan Castle who has a decent amount of faith in Mars' capabilities. Like Mars' grandfather, Sir Kaizel is dependent on Mars to become a legend, as well. Constantly dropping hints and tips for Mars, as well as giving him items to aid him throughout his quest, Sir Kaizel will soon be one of the first to realize Mars' great potential to succeed.




The Chancellor

The Chancellor screenshot

This old man can always be found by the King's side. Somewhat posh and arrogant, he has little faith in Mars and doesn't believe that a mere child would be able to play much of a role in saving the Kingdom of Odegan. His quick temper causes him to speak out of turn several times, inciting the King's anger; fortunately, he has enough sense to know when too much is enough.





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The first to befriend Mars, this teenage carrot-top has a tendancy to bury himself too deep in trouble around the Castle. His lying would appear to be his only ally at times, and fortunately he always manages to just squirm his way out of major consequences. Though he doesn't play a big part in the game, he's certainly one of the more interesting characters in Shining Wisdom.