Mystical Creatures

The Gudo Valley Fairy

The Gudo Valley Fairy screenshot

This cute, honest shape-shifter is the reason Mars rose to the challenge of stopping Pazort from reviving the Dark Titan. Situated in the depths of the Gudo Valley cave, the Gudo Valley Fairy was (probably) one of the fairies who stopped the Dark Titan from destroying the land of Odegan many years ago. Like Mars' father before him, she knows that he is capable of becoming one of the greatest heros of all time.




The Millennial Tree Hermit

The Millennial Tree Hermit screenshot

This wise man can be found on the top floor of the Millennial Tree, always willing to give advice and heal afflictions weary travellers may have. Helping Mars on more than one occasion throughout his journey, this "enigma" is more knowledgable about the situation that has befallen the Kingdom of Odegan than meets the eye.




The Trents

Unavailable screenshot

One of the many forms of Nature's creatures, these trees will strike up a conversation with Mars whenever he feels the need. Situated in different locations throughout the game, these interesting creatures serve only to watch for danger in their homes and to drop hints for Mars whenever he becomes stumped in his adventure.