Enemy Battle Hints


Cumulus Monster

This boss is the first Mars will encounter, hidden in the depths of the Cave of Gudo. This guardian is actually two sets of four clouds; one gold cloud leading three grey ones. Mars must destroy the grey clouds in order to be able to defeat the gold clouds. Wait until they are low to the ground to attack with the Magic Hands; when they soar up, watch out for their bolts of lightning!

Giant Spider

Mars discovers this guardian (as directed by the Trents) in the final part of the Mystic Wood. This ferocious spider will spin up into the air and will attempt to land on Mars. Once it hits the ground, it will shoot out many small webs which will catch Mars if he isn't fast enough in running as quickly as his little legs can carry him. It is best if Mars uses a long-range weapon here, such as the Magic Hands, so as to enable him to not have to get too close to the spider.

Killer Cactus

Mars must defeat this monster at the top of the Millennial Tree in order to speak with the Hermit, who will then restore Satera to her original form. The Killer Cactus shoots out tiny cacti which Mars can easily destroy with his sword; Mars must then trip up the Cactus when all the small cacti are destroyed (using the Slide Shoes) and attack at will with his sword.

Kari's Pet

This creature is unleashed upon Mars in the courtyard of Odegan Castle, just after Kari is discovered as being the fraud Princess. Mars is trapped in a confined space while in battle; the key to destroying this boss is to wait until the rocks shoot away from the red spike (or until they begin to chase Mars), thus rendering it vulnerable to attack. Simple sword attacks may prove to be just the tactic Mars is looking for. A long-range attack, such as the Magic Gloves, may also prove to be advantageous. This attack would give Mars some time to run from the rocks while giving him a chance to get some attacks in on Kari's monster.

Sand Worm

You encounter this large creature at the end of the Sand Labyrinth, in the Pyre Coliseum. There are two parts to this boss which must be destroyed; the upper torso (which shoots flames at Mars), and the tail (which will soon follow after the upper body has descended back into the sand). The lower torso tends to come up through the sand only after the upper torso has descended. Long-range weapons, such as the Magic Hands, will prove to be benefitial in this battle; Mars should always be moving around so as to avoid the Sand Worm if it emerges through the sand.

Pazort's Henchmen


Mars gets the chance to fight this guardian in the Royal Crypt at the beginning of the game, but Bangar's main appearance comes at the end of the Water Labyrinth. Being the weakest of the four, Mars needs not put too much effort into fighting this reptile in both battles; chasing him around and using simple sword attacks works the best. For the Water Labyrinth battle, Mars should be wary of Bangar's balls of ice and the flying lily pads.


This powerful henchman is the guardian at the end of the Fire Labyrinth; Mars only needs to hit him a few times, but this is definately easier said than done. Mars must freeze the fireballs thrown at him using a combination of the Freeze Orb + the Stone Shoes and quickly hurl them back at Gwaid before they melt, using the Hercules Gloves.


Mars engages in battle with this mistress of disguise in the final part of the Mirror Labyrinth. Be wary of her as she walks around, swinging her spiked ball; Mars may become trapped in it and will lose quite a lot of life before managing to escape. Kari will also stop her march, shooting out her spiked ball to an incredible length in an attempt to hit Mars. A long-range weapon of sorts (such as the Blaze Orb + the Magic Hands) will help Mars in gaining the upper hand in this battle.


The last of Pazort's hencemen, Nuge is the guardian at the end of the Air Labyrinth. Mars must take advantage of the Pegasus Plates here, as Nuge flies around and Mars will be knocked off the ledges if left standing. Nuge will tumble, and at times will blast tornadoes towards Mars. To defeat this guardian, Mars should have the Spark Orb equipped with the Pegasus Helm; Mars can then easily move out of range of Nuge's tumbling attacks while firing lightning bolts which have a good chance of hitting him.

The Djinns

Air Djinn

Being the guardian of the Air Elemental, this Djinn uses the power of Air to battle Mars. This Djinn will fly about in the air, causing Mars to have difficulty walking; he is pulled to the edges of the platform. When the Djinn lands it will either shoot tornadoes toward Mars or it will spin around wildly, coming dangerously close to Mars. Being one of the easier Djinns, a simple way to defeat this guardian which wouldn't take away from Mars' speed would be the Shining Sword + the Shield Orb combo.

Fire Djinn

One of the more difficult Djinns, the Fire Djinn exercises the power of Fire to attack Mars. This guardian moves around the platform at a regular pace, shooting breaths of fire at random; it will also jump high into the air and land on the platform, shooting up fire around him (much like the effect of the Stone Shoes/Blaze Orb combination). The Fire Djinn isn't the fastest of opponents, so Mars can easily attack it with the Shining Sword when its back is turned. Another good method to use is Mars' mirror image attack: the Shining Sword + the Blast Orb.

Earth Djinn

This Djinn, like the Fire Djinn, is one of the more stronger Elemental guardians. Mars should be using a long-range weapon of sorts for this battle, as merely touching the Earth Djinn will take away large amounts of his hit points. The sand will slow him down considerably, so Mars should be geared up to full speed at all times. A good tactic for defeat would be the Shining Sword + the Spark Orb combo. The Djinn will shoot out blasts of lightning at times, so be sure to keep Mars well away; it will also burrow through the sand and will pop up in various locations, and the flying sand will steal from Mars' hit points if they come in contact with him.

Water Djinn

This water-dwelling Djinn is pretty mild in difficulty. The space on which Mars and the Djinn are situated isn't very big, and if Mars freezes the ice he will go careening across it and off the edge unless he is extremely careful. Even then, it's not worth it; the ice melts pretty quickly. The water gives Mars some stability, so he should use this to his advantage. When the water isn't frozen, the Djinn will submerge itself and will surface at random. Once above the surface, it will shoot out several icicles in the direction of Mars. As with the Fire Djinn, this one isn't so fast; Mars can easily avoid the icicles and make his way behind it, attacking until the Djinn submerges itself again. The Shining Sword + the Blast Orb combo will allow Mars to run from the Air Djinn's flying icicles while the mirror images inflict damage.


Mars must battle Pazort for the fate of all Odegan in the Catacomb Marsh. Pazort is about three times the size of Mars (if not bigger), and after conducting an attack he will quickly fly around the platform before landing. His attacks include the popular Ray Blast, as well as shooting out a large mass of ice which looks like many mountains heading straight for Mars. A good tactic to use on this final boss is to equip Mars with the Shining Sword and the Blast Orb; Mars will project images of himself towards Pazort, which will attack him several times before the image disappears. Another good tactic is to simply run around after Pazort with the Shining Sword and the Shield Orb; Mars should wait until the Black Elf has begun his attack and then quickly make his way behind Pazort, attacking fiercely until he starts flying around again.