Mini Guide

(A zipped text version of this mini guide is available for download here)

Shining Wisdom is set in the land of Palacia (Parmecia). You play the role of Mars, son of Sir Jiles, the famous (and late) dragon slayer. Your duty is to save Palacia from the Black Elf Pazort, who is attempting to revive the Dark Titan in order to wreak havoc on the land. To do this, you must seek out the four Elemental Orbs (Fire, Earth, Water, Air) and the Shining Sword; only then will you be strong enough to stop the Black Elf from finishing through with his evil plan...

From Mars' house, head west to Odegan City. Watch the babbling woman in the town square, and after talking with her, head into Odegan Castle. Talk with Sir Kaizel and the Chancellor, who will introduce you to Alfred. Go and sleep in the Knight's Headquarters to be transported outside on guard.

Alfred soon falls asleep, and Mars must follow an elf who is making his way into the Ancient Shrine. Once Mars can go no further, grab the Vigilance Spall and head out. Watch Alfred's interrogation and then go with him to the King's Audience Chamber. Mars and Alfred must now guard the Princess Satera.

Go to sleep once more, and you will be transported to the top of the Castle. Alfred falls asleep again, and Bangar appears. He puts Mars to sleep as well, and rises the Princess from her sleep. The two of them head off to the Royal Crypt, and Mars soon wakes up. Make your way to the Royal Crypt via the east exit and across the river.

Find the Stone Shoes and move the statues around in the Royal Crypt to enable entry to where Bangar and the Princess are situated. In here, a ceremony is taking place; Pazort and his henchmen are all present. Kari takes on the appearance of the Princess, and Bangar is given the opportunity to fight Mars. Defeat Bangar and watch as the Princess is turned into a swan; the ceremony is over and Pazort, his henchmen and the Princess disappear.

Head back to Odegan Castle, where everyone believes that everything is safe once again. Talk with the King and then head to the Gudo Valley. Find the Slide Shoes, and then make your way to the Mystic Wood. Here, find the Magic Hands and go back to the Gudo Valley. Defeat the Cumulus Monster to speak with the Gudo Valley Fairy, who will bestow upon Mars the Whisper Conch.

Go back to the Mystic Woods, and talk with the Trents (using the Whisper Conch). Follow their directions and defeat the Giant Spider, who is keeping the Princess captive in its web. Take the Princess to the Millennial Tree in the Western District (where you will find the Monkey Suit) to have her healed by the Hermit. Before you can do this though, you must defeat the Killer Cactus at the top.

After the Princess has been restored to her original form, head back to Odegan City. The Princess will run ahead to the Castle; follow her. Both Sateras are in front of the King when you arrive; the King has decided that one must be struck down and it is up to you to decide who lives and who dies.

After Kari has been discovered as being a fraud, she will run away to the east courtyard. Follow her to find that no soldier has defeated her ferocious pet yet. Defeat the Red Spike, and Kari will tell you that the first destination of Pazort is the Sand Labyrinth, where he intends to release the Earth Elemental.

Head back to the King's Audience Chamber to receive a new sword, the Battle Sword. Take the Hercules Gloves from the Royal Treasury, buy what supplies you need and take your leave of Odegan City. Head south to the Sand Labyrinth, and inside, find the Mole Claw. Hit all the switches you come across, and find the hidden statue.

Bring the statue to the Pyre Coliseum (do NOT switch the sand back to stone, or else you will lose the statue) and use it to open the door. Kari is here, telling you that the Earth Elemental has been released already. You must fight the Sand Worm in order to gain the Spark Orb.

Head back to Odegan Castle to talk with the King, who will give you directions on where to go next. Head to the Western District and, via the tranport panel west of the Millennial Tree, to the Water Labyrinth. Make your way down and to Bangar, who informs you that the Water Elemental has been released. Defeat him in order to gain the Freeze Orb.

Head to the Eastern District via the Creepy Cavern and then north to the Jump Labyrinth. Make your way through, hitting the appropriate switches which will lead you to the Spring Shoes at the end of the labyrinth. Mars is now able to reach the Fire Labyrinth in the Western District, southeast of the Millennial Tree.

Make your way to the end of this labyrinth (which somewhat resembles the Sand Labyrinth), where Gwaid will inform you that Mars is too late to stop the Fire Elemental from being released. Defeat this complicated guardian to receive the Blaze Orb. Before leaving the labyrinth, head through the block of ice located north of the entrance in order to find the Wonder Mirror.

Head to the Hobbit Village in the Western District and use the Wonder Mirror over the lake (which must be frozen first). Solve the riddles of the Mirror Labyrinth to finally enter battle with Kari. Defeat her, and all the Hobbits will be restored to their village.

Talk with Parn (Kazin), Salah (Sarah) and the Hobbit Elder in one of the houses. They tell you that all the Elementals save the Air Elemental has been released. Parn will give you the Pegasus Helm, which will come in handy in the Air Labyrinth. Head to this final labyrinth, located southwest of the Millennial Tree in the cliffs.

Use the Pegasus Plates to enable the use of the Pegasus Helm. Make your way to the top, where Nuge awaits. He tells you that the Air Elemental has been released; defeat him to gain the final Orb, the Blast Orb.

Head to the Twin Rock Cape just northwest of the Water Labyrinth to allow Mars entry into the Light Labyrinth. Hit the appropriate switches and use your Elemental powers to make your way to the end. Mars is given the Shining Sword, allowing him to finally have a chance at defeating Pazort.

Go back to Odegan Castle and talk with the King. The way to the Catacomb Marsh is now open, where it seems Parn has already headed off to in an attempt to stop Pazort himself. Head down to the Great Labyrinth and talk to Parn.

Explore the different branches of the Great Labyrinth, finding four keys which open the doors to each Elemental Djinn. Defeating a specific Djinn will cause Pazort to be lost of this Elemental power before the final battle, bringing Mars that much closer to being able to battle him.

After all the Djinns have been released, talk to Parn again. Head into the Catacomb Marsh and fight Pazort in an attempt to bring peace to the land of Odegan once and for all.