One Thing Shining

June 2004

Welcome to One Thing Shining, the only website fully dedicated to the US version of Shining Wisdom, the 1996 action/RPG Shining title for the Sega Saturn. This website has been slowly growing over the past few years and now contains most of the information it needs to be able to finally go online. Let's just say that, even though it took quite a while to finish this site amidst school, work and everything else going on in a teenager's life, I am very excited that it's finished and that Shining fans everywhere will now be able to better know one of the most overlooked games in the Shining series.

Updates will be as needed, when the time and resources are available. If you are able to contribute anything that is severely lacking on this website (screenshots, script, fanart, downloads, etc.) feel free to e-mail me; this website can only keep on growing!

Now I would like to thank those who have helped me in one way or another over the last few years to get OTS this far ... this site wouldn't be here without the help of so many:


Raevynlocks, thanks for helping to create this website with me in the beginning. Your artwork is amazing and you've been nothing but helpful and optimistic all the way. You know that this is still our website!

Blob Powers, thank you for making such a wicked site layout ... the design was the key to getting this place finished. Thanks for putting up with everything I wanted and needed to complete this site.

Moogie, your website skills and knowledge have been very helpful over the last while. Thank you for allowing me to use anything I needed from SFC to move this place along!


Justican, for the screenshots; Aspartate, for the translation of the Prologue; Tim Steffes, for the FAQs page; Olivier, for the mp3 sheet page; Lord Tybalt / Soticoto, for the artwork; Mark / Derek, for random help and advice; everyone else at SFC for being supportive; RPGDreamers / RPGFan, for permission to use screenshots; and Dr. Casey, for being the first to help me make this site by giving me the link to a very useful webpage on building HTML!