Locations throughout Odegan



Eastern District


Odegan City

Odegan Castle

Ancient Shrine

Royal Crypt

Gudo Valley

Mystic Wood

Creepy Cavern (to East/West District)

Sand Labyrinth

Jump Labyrinth

Royal Labyrinth

Perilous Pass

Great Labyrinth

Catacomb Marsh

Western District

Millennial Tree

Creepy Cavern (to Water Labyrinth)

Water Labyrinth

Creepy Cavern (shortcut to Odegan City)

Fire Labyrinth

Hobbit Village

Mirror Labyrinth

Air Labyrinth

Black Wall

Light Labyrinth

Bonus Air Labyrinth




Fire Labyrinth Creepy Cavern (shortcut to Odegan City) Creepy Cavern (to Water Labyrinth) Hobbit Village Black Wall Twin Rock Cape (Light Labyrinth) Cave of Gudo Royal Crypt Ancient Shrine Creepy Cavern (to East/West District) Jump Labyrinth Sand Labyrinth Mystic Wood Odegan Castle Odegan City Home Millennial Tree Bonus Air Labyrinth Air Labyrinth Water Labyrinth