Shining Connections

Odegan, Granseal and Thornwood

A book in the King's Chamber mentions the "war for Palacia", in which Bowie and the Granseal Force fought against the revival of Zeon (the US version of Shining Wisdom spells these incorrectly; Bowie was translated to "Puck" and Zeon to "Mage Zhaion").

Based on Moogie's map, Odegan is located northeast of Grans Island, north of Parmecia. Seeing as how the events of Shining Force 2 take place prior to Shining Wisdom, it would make sense that there would've been enough time for books to have been written about Zeon, and the war to stop his revival.
Also, Thornwood is located just southwest of Odegan. Supposedly a book in the King's Chamber mentions this setting of Shining in the Darkness, but I do not believe it exists in the US version.


Kazin and Sarah

These two elves from Shining Force 2 make a cameo appearance in Shinin Wisdom. Kazin is intent on stopping the revival of the Dark Titan, perhaps for adventure, or maybe because he is true to his nature of stopping evil. I don't remember if the game ever really says why he wishes to stop the Dark Titan from being revived by Pazort, but since Pazort is a Dark Elf, perhaps Kazin and Sarah wish to stop their cousins' malicious intents.

Rather strange, because when you go to the Hobbit Village and meet them, it appears as though they have been in search of you. Kazin says that Mars is "just like his best friend Bowie", who "is becoming a great warrior", as well. Becoming? This is where it gets sketchy, due to the wording; how could Bowie be "becoming" a great warrior, when books have already been written about his great battle with Zeon?


Dark Elves

This seems to be a minor race throughout the Shining series. There are several examples in other Shining games: Mishaela in SHF1, and Cameela in SHF2. Kari is the Dark Elf in Shining Wisdom. Pazort also falls under this category; however, it seems that the connection here is with female Dark Elves. Their characteristics include blue/purple skin, and their choice of weapons as spiked balls (not Mishaela, though). Another trait is that they are all first under some kind of disguise, and turn out to be an enemy: Mishaela is a fortune teller; Cameela is under the guise of a girl on the bridge with the broken ankle near Tristan; and Kari is under the guise of Princess Satera. Compare all three here.



In a house in the Hobbit Village, a book mentions how "some Hobbits went to Granseal Island to become silver workers". These are obviously the mithril workers from Shining Force 2, who started in the cave north of Hassan and made their way through to Grans.


Shining swords

Supposedly, the Shining Sword found in Shining Wisdom is not related to any of the other swords in the Shining series; however, the fact that the Great Labyrinth in Shining Wisdom and Godspeak in Shining the Holy Ark are largely similar make this all the more interesting.

At the end of Shining Wisdom, the Catacomb Marsh collapses and Mars inevitably loses the Shining Sword (it was most definately consumed by the Marsh). The loss of this sword opened up many possibilities as to where it went next: was it lost forever, or was it found by yet another Shining hero? Many years after Shining Wisdom, Shining the Holy Ark takes place. Near the end of this game, in the ruins of Godspeak, a 'Shining Sword' is found.

Now, in relation to Moogie's map, Enrich (the land of StHA) is far south of Odegan. However, the number of years that passed between these two time frames is unspecified, and anything could have happened for the Shining Sword to make its way to Enrich. The only sketchy thing about it is that Godspeak is located in the Desire Mines, on top of a mountain; Catacomb Marsh was located deep underground. But interestingly enough, the Great Labyrinth, with its blue colours and tall pillars, is remarkably similar to Godspeak. These two labyrinths could have been created by the same person or deity. Maybe in travelling underground, the Shining Sword found its way to another labyrinth with similar power or energy to the Great Labyrinth, hence, Godspeak?

The only trouble with this idea is that, in most Shining games, the sword that the main hero wields at the end of each game is usually given to him; either he has earned it, or he is the "chosen one" and only he can wield that sword.

Also, a Shining Sword appears in Shining Force 3 as Synbios' final weapon, but this weapon looks nothing like the Shining Sword in SW. In fact, it looks more like the Chaos Breaker in Shining Force 1. Check them out here.


Pazort and Oddeye

Pazort appears to have some connection with Oddeye from Shining Force 2, made apparent in the UK version of Shining Wisdom. He mentions Oddeye just before he dies, showing that they might have been old friends. Remember that Oddeye was an evil Greater Devil who was intent on reviving Zeon; Pazort's determination to revive the Dark Titan shows that the Dark Titan might be Zeon, desiring to rule the world yet again.


The Dark Titan and Zeon

Pazort is trying to revive the Dark Titan from Catacomb Marsh, located directly below Odegan Castle. This is quite similar to Shining Force 2, in that Zeon fell from the mountains to Ground Seal, as spoken about by the Storytellers in Tristan. Could the Catacomb Marsh be a new manifestation of Ground Seal, with Pazort trying to revive Zeon once more, who is now under the guise of 'Dark Titan'?

Both the Dark Titan and Zeon have had their powers sealed away, Zeon's in the Jewels and the Dark Titan's in the Elemental Orbs; remember that (in SHF2) Lemon took King Galam, who was possessed by Zeon, back into Ground Seal at the end of the game. The fact that Pazort, many years after the world of Shining Force 2 (supposedly), is trying to revive an evil giant whose powers have been sealed away proves that these two evils might indeed be one and the same. Compare the two evils here.


The Gudo Valley Fairy and Fey

These two fairies, the Gudo Valley Fairy from Shining Wisdom and Fey from Shining Force 3, are supposedly not the same (they may be distant cousins). However, many Shining fans believe that they are, indeed, due to their remarkably similar features. See for yourself.