Shining Wisdom Prologue

There exists in the northern part of the Parmecia continent a small country by the name of Odegan, which is surrounded by mountains and the sea. However, this country has been under invasion from other countries for many years; natural disasters plague the country of Odegan during its peaceful times as well. But it's also here that a tale has been told since a long, long time ago... so long, it's become a legend...

Back in ancient times when the gods shared a peaceful life together with humans on the land, an evil giant was born from the depths of the demon's world. This giant who inherited dark blood in his veins called himself Surt, and began to spread disaster across the once peaceful land.

The gods who were aware of this serious situation used the power of the four Djinns to seal him back into the demon's world: Djinn of Earth, Djinn of Water, Djinn of Fire and Djinn of Wind. Unfortunately, reversing the control over the spirits of the 4 Djinns would break Surt's seal. As a last resort to prevent destruction, the gods chose to seal the 4 Djinns deep underground in labyrinths scattered throughout Odegan.

Time flew by. The name Surt became something parents would use to threaten their children with if they were misbehaving... the true terror of Surt was long forgotten.

On a plain and usual day, something happened. It was late at night, a time when only the palace guards should've been awake. But in a room deep in Odegan Castle, the King of Odegan and the Minister were having an unusual meeting. They were discussing the demons who had sneaked into Odegan after the war in South Parmecia.

Just as they reached the conclusion that the demons could bring no harm to their small country, a man's shadow appeared from out of the wall! The shadow was a legendary demon, the Dark Elf Pazort. Pazort looked at the frightened king and his minister and began to speak with a complacent smile. The Dark Elf then placed a sleeping curse on the king's daughter, Princess Satera. Pazort's only term for breaking the spell was if he were to be to be given the King's royal secret treasure, the Djinn Opal.

The Dark Elf warned the two of them of the consequences of uttering but one word of the encounter, especially to the Hobbits living in the west. The evil then disappeared, leaving the King and the Minister in silence. The next day, Princess Satera's eyes remained closed due to a state of constant sleep; the unknowing townspeople began to have suspicions about the increasing amount of guards around Odegan Castle.

And so the story begins...