All Item Locations

Eastern District

Western District

Ancient Shrine (Blue Diamond), (Healing Herb), (Vigilance Spall), ^^(Angel's Wing), ^^(Red Diamond)

Millennial Tree (Monkey Suit), (Angel's Wing), (Blue Diamond), (Red Diamond), (Medical Herb), (Record Book), (Blessed Water)

Royal Crypt (Stone Shoes), (Blue Diamond), (Healing Herb), (Angel's Wing)

Water Labyrinth (Angel's Wing), (Healing Herb), (Record Book), (Blue Diamond), (Freeze Orb), ^^(Red Diamond)

Cave of Gudo (Healing Herb), (Blue Diamond), (Slide Shoes), (Whisper Conch), ^^(Medicine), ^^(Red Diamond)

Fire Labyrinth (Healing Herb), (Angel's Wing), (Red Diamond), *(Blue Key), (Blue Diamond), (Blaze Orb), ^^(Record Book), ^^(Wonder Mirror)

Mystic Wood (Healing Herb), (Record Book), (Blue Diamond), (Magic Hands), ^^(Red Diamond)

Mirror Labyrinth (Blue Diamond), (Record Book), (Angel's Wing), (Healing Herb), (Red Diamond), *(Blue Key)

Sand Labyrinth (Mole Claw), (Red Diamond), (Healing Herb), (Record Book), (Blue Diamond), (Angel's Wing), *(Statue), (Spark Orb)

Air Labyrinth (Healing Herb), (Red Diamond), (Angel's Wing), (Record Book), (Blue Diamond), (Blast Orb)

Jump Labyrinth (Red Diamond), *(Blue Key), (Healing Herb), (Blue Diamond), *(Blue Key), (Angel's Wing), (Spring Shoes)

Light Labyrinth *(Blue Key), (Angel's Wing), (Blue Diamond), (Record Book), (Healing Herb), (Red Diamond), (Shining Sword)

Royal Labyrinth *(Red Key), (Red Diamond), *(Green Key), (Power Orb)


Great Labyrinth (Air branch) *(Green Key), *(Blue Key), (Fire branch) *(Yellow Key), *(Red Key)

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

Home ^^(Dinky Orb)

Creepy Cavern (shortcut to Odegan City) ^^(Red Diamond)

Odegan City (Angel's Wing), ^^(Healing Herb)

Creepy Cavern (to Water Labyrinth) ^^(Red Diamond)

Odegan Castle ^^(Red Diamond), ^^(Hercules Gloves)

Hobbit Village (Pegasus Helm), (Record Book)

Road to Royal Crypt ^^(Red Diamond)

Bonus Air Labyrinth (Red Diamond), (Bounce Boots)

Given by King Ulrich/Sir Kaizel (Grey Key), ^^(Battle Sword), ^^(Miracle Diary)


Given by man next to King's bed (Silver Bottle)


Given by Chancellor/Sir Kaizel before Mars fights Kari's Pet (1 Healing Herb), (5 Healing Herbs)


Found burrowing through sand (Angel's Wing), (Blue Diamond)


Creepy Cavern (to Western District) (Blue Diamond), ^^(Healing Herb)


Sand District ^^(Hobbit shop!)


Perilous Pass (Record Book)