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Canyon Wall Slide/Crevice Locations

Darkened Tree/Green Bush Locations

Orb Locations

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Misc. Item Locations

All Items via Locations in Odegan


Please note:

1) the same items may be listed under two different sections, ie. Diamond locations will also be listed under the "All Items" section to provide the whereabouts of all items in the game.

2) not all of these items can be found while playing through for the first time, or at the same time in a specific location. In order to distinguish between those items that can be found the first time those that can only be found if Mars returns to this area (ie. with a certain item that enables him to venture to previously unreachable places), a "^^" will be placed before the item.

3) some items found in various labyrinths have uses only in that labyrinth, such as keys which will help Mars to solve that labyrinth's riddles. A "*" will be placed before the item in order to specify these.

4) if the first floor/level of a labyrinth is merely a "lobby", this is not considered the "first floor/level" in the location descriptions. For example, the Sand Labyrinth has a full first floor/level, while the Water Labyrinth does not. The Water Labyrinth's first floor/level is actually the "second" floor/level, while the "first" could merely be thought of as the "lobby".